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Creating furniture so that it is not only aesthetic but also functional is our goal. We want our furniture to be distinguished not only by style, but also by quality and durability. We hope to meet your expectations regarding not only style, design, functionality, but broadly understood high-quality furniture.

Interior design is our passion!

Our team consists of lovers of good style, comfort and design. We have extensive experience in the interior design industry. We know perfectly well that the furniture, colors and accessories that surround us have a huge impact on our well-being. That is why in our offer you will find unique upholstered furniture for the living room, bedroom, hall and children’s room.

Exclusive corners, comfortable armchairs, practical benches and soft pouffes with footrests – we made sure that our offer does not lack lounge furniture for any room.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!


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Meet our products that enjoy unflagging popularity.

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Why PARA furniture?

Style & Modernity

Our furniture is a perfect combination of style, tradition and modernity.


Since we pack our products with great care, they can be shipped far away without problems.


While designing our furniture we do our best to allow for limitless customisation.

Our clients

We monitor market trends, which allows us to keep all of our clients satisfied.

Fast and solid

We are constantly improving our processing capacity and production technology.

Why meblePARA?

Choose us! We are fast, reliable, and eager to improve!


As a manufacturer, we are prepared to deal with both retail clients and wholesale clients. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Where can I buy the furniture?

Furniture can be ordered directly from us, or through an associated shop (list of such shops available through e-mail).

What about fabric selection?

The furniture we offer is made by us from scratch. Therefore, our clients have a wide variety of colours to choose from, as well as fabric quality and extra properties (like stain resistance).

Please contact us for specifics.

Is there a warranty?

Of course there is. As a manufacturer, we are bound by the European law regarding products and relevant warranties.

Lounge furniture

Our wide range of lounge furniture offers great opportunities in the right arrangement of space. A significant advantage is the adaptation of the dimensions to the interior and a huge selection of upholstery fabrics. These possibilities make each set an individual and unique pattern.

Technical and solid execution of each element in upholstered furniture gives the joy of many years of use.